Are you looking for new challenges? Do you want to taste the Erasmus-experience? Are you excited when it comes to meeting new people?

Then you are at the right place! ESN Metropolitan is looking for members!



Erasmus Student Network is an international organization with 530 sections in 40 countries all across Europe. But these are just boring facts, let’s dive into what we actually do.

Our mentors help the incoming exchange students with all their practical or even personal matters but most importantly they are their friends and they discover Budapest together  while sharing the ErasmusExperience.  Our Event organisers put all their efforts and knowledge into organizing the most exciting trips to the countryside, the amazing cultural and social programs and of course the most insane parties 

Being an ESNer is not just about these, though. Working together, the shared success and the shared experience keeps us together and we live our lives together - we practice for the exams together or relax at the PubCrawl during the evening together. ESN is not a job but a lifestyle, not one more duty but an adventure and it is not just a simple team but a family, even if it sounds lame. For us, this is ESN.


  • Build Relationships
  • Get the opportunity to meet people from countries all across Europe - we all know, how important international connections are in professional life!
  • Gain Experience
  • Get hands-on experience at what you are already studying in one of the many areas ESN provides insight to.
  • Help Others
  • Make new friends and help others - because helping others feels awesome!

Don’t hesitate! Apply now

to our #MentorTeam if you live for the buzz and all into socializing and meeting new people

to our #EventTeam if you like organizing and coordinating events

to our #CommunicationTeam if you are creative and a social-media freak

to our #GraphicsTeam if you are all into photoshop or animation

Click HERE for detailed descriptions about the positions!


  1. Fill in THIS google form until the 25th of January 23:59
  2. You shall receive a confirmation e-mail by the 27th of January 01:00 AM at latest if it doesn’t happen, please contact us!
  3. Between the 30th of January and 3rd of February, there will be a personal interview so we will have the chance to get to know you a bit. You can sign up for a time you prefer, the location will be included in the e-mail. 

There are no requirements to meet except one: BE MOTIVATED!


25/01/2019 - 06:00 to 26/01/2019 - 05:45
  • Everyone is invited.